Lutheran Church-Canada

Lutheran Church–Canada comprises congregations, pastors, and deacons committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our confessions and practises are based on the foundation of God's Word and the belief that God's gift of salvation is found only through faith in Jesus Christ, God's only Son. In more than 300 congregations, from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, this message is proclaimed in word and deed.

Project Funding Policy
Each gift designated toward a board-approved project will be used as specified, with the understanding that when any given project has been fully funded, designated gifts will be applied to a similar project in the same region or where needed.

LCC Missions: Ukraine

Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC) in alliance with the Synod of Evangelical Churches in Ukraine (SELCU) supports the national church by providing financial and human resources for the proclamation of the Gospel, formation of pastors through Seminary program, leadership training seminars, church planting, missionary work and care ministry to orphans, hospitals and penitentiaries.
Charitable Reg. #:13327 5479 RR0001

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